i/o electronic netlabel, not quite dead yet

アメリカ発の新興ネットレーベル、I/O electronic netlabelが、これまでのリリースを含む全ての音源の配布を停止しています。

To return shortly(まもなく戻る)といいつつも、...We're not quite dead yet.(まだ死んだわけではない)と。ウェブサイトにはこれのみ。


In one month (June 28th), we may have to close our doors. Due to financial problems, we can't continue to pay for hosting.As much as we would love to keep this project going, and release music for free, we just can't do it ourselves.

Is it impossible to raise up the money? No. If we can make $170, we can continue I/O for 2 more years. The trick is making that much in less than one month.

If you like our music, and you want to show your support, please don't hesitate to do so. Even the smallest amount helps!

If it fails, we will put our releases on websites such as Archive.org and upload them via torrents. We will not continue to release anymore new material.


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